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Man Discovers Item In His Deceased Aunt’s Attic That Could Be Worth Millions

When a loved one passes away, it’s not unusual for them to have designated an executor. It’s not usually an exciting position, as it largely involves making sure the departed’s will and estate has been taken care of, but it is very important nonetheless.

When Karl Kissner’s aunt passed away, he was thrust into the position of executor. Karl knew that his aunt had been a bit of a “pack rat” when she was alive, and he wasn’t sure what she had tucked away, so he resolved to look closely when it came time to examine the items in her attic.

What he never could have foreseen, however, is that he’d stumble upon a gold mine!

When Karl Kissner’s aunt passed away, he was appointed the executor of her will and estate. In this capacity, he needed to go through the items inside her house and figure out what was worth keeping.

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Knowing that his aunt had been famous for being a bit of a “pack rat,” Karl figured he should be very thorough while going through her things. He didn’t want to miss anything important, after all.
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Still, he never could have predicted that what he’d find inside his aunt’s closet was going to be so special. While he was digging through old coats and boxes, he came upon something that caught his eye…

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Karl eyed a curious stack of boxes, and he pulled them out into the open so he could get a better look at them. Some of them looked like they were full of junk and could be thrown out right away, but there was one that just seemed unique.
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Even though Karl had considered the possibility that his aunt may have something of value hidden away in her home, he couldn’t help but be stunned by what he found. Sitting right there in her closet was a gold mine.
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Not an actual gold mine, of course. Rather, what his aunt had hidden in her closet was what some call “cardboard gold”—and it was likely worth millions. So, what was it that Karl found? Well…

Who would have guessed that those baseball cards would be worth so much? Then again, they were in pristine condition and they were rare! Who else wishes they could stumble upon something like this?

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