Family Finally Opens Hatch That’s Been Buried For Years On Property, Leads To Time Capsule

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Alexander Smith / AWM contributor

When Ken and Carol Zwick first moved to their new home in Neenah, WI, they were so excited to be homeowners they forgot to check everything out before putting an offer in on the property. When the deal went through and they started moving their belongings into their new home, they finally saw the strange thing in their backyard.

Carol was first to notice it. The rusted metal, which was originally painted green, was hidden under some brambles in the backyard. They wanted to ignore it. They had enough to deal with moving to a new town and fitting in. And after a few weeks, Carol finally forgot all about it.

But after ten years, they still had not check out the bulkhead door. And curiosity finally got the better of them. So they went online and did some research and discovered something amazing about their home – it was built with a 80-square-foot bomb shelter! It was time for them to open the doors and see what was hiding underneath their backyard. But they weren’t ready for the truth…

Carol mustered up the courage. She spent some time clearing away the brush and brambles, finally getting enough space to access the rusted door.

They assumed that when they opened the door, they’d find a bunch of empty space. But their expectations were totally wrong!

When Carol pulled up the bulkhead and revealed the bomb shelter underneath, the Zwicks found an untouched time capsule!

Although it was only an 80-square-foot space, the bomb shelter had been equipped with everything needed to survive a nuclear winter back in the 1960s. Among the survival supplies were food, clothing, medical supplies, tools, flashlights, batteries, and more!

The items were in near-perfect condition. And if a bomb went off, those in the shelter could survive for about two weeks.

Because they didn’t need the old stuff, they decided to donate the vintage goods to the Neenah Historical Society (NHS).

The historical society appreciated the Zwick’s donation, stating, “It will really give people a sense of what it was like to live in 1960, to feel like they’re in their living room, and suddenly they need to go to their fallout shelter.”

In the video below, you can see the discover and meet the Zwicks.

After climbing down the eerie steps, they found the Cold War-era bomb shelter stocked to the gills with goodies.

After what was hiding there under their backyard, one wonders if they regret waiting so long.

Here’s what some of the 650,000 viewers had to say about the astonishing find in Wisconsin.

“how could someone have that in their back yard for so long and not inspect it? id of been checking that out the same day i moved in coz im nosy.”

“Why…. would you not open a strange metal door in your backyard for that long?”

“Only thing I can think of is that they thought it was some old electrical junction box or an old generator.”

If you had a strange metal box in your backyard, would you open it?

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