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Discovered After 70 Years: A Stunning, Untouched WWII Era Paris Apartment

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(Image credit: Bello)
It’s every antique hunter’s dream: an accidental Paris time-capsule, unoccupied since 1942. This Right Bank apartment was owned by actress and socialite Madame de Florian who fled Paris during World War two and left all her possessions behind, where they remained undisturbed for more than 70 years.

It was only in 2010, when Madame de Florian died in the South of France at age 91, that the apartment was discovered in all its untouched, 40s glory. It’s full of everyday personal items like hair brushes and papers, as well as more unusual things like a full-sized, taxidermy ostrich, an original Disney Mickey Mouse doll, and even a painting of Madame de Florian’s grandmother Marthe, who, it turns out, was the muse of the artist Giovanni Boldini. Along with the painting is a love note from Boldini. The painting has since been sold for €2.1 million.

Enjoy | Abandoned Spaces

(Image credit: Bello)
Although it was discovered nearly four years ago, the apartment remains untouched (and undusted) to this day. It’s owned by Mme de Florient’s estate.

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