Cops Yank 20-Year-Old Cars From Bottom Of Lake. Take One Look In Back Seat, Solve Mystery

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If you’re ever driving near Lake Foss in Oklahoma, beware of a certain bad stretch of road. Back in 1970 one man and his two friends suddenly disappeared around their while he drove his new Camaro. Because he was excited about his new powerful muscle car, he probably was going fast. But that man and his friends never returned from their joyride.

No one knew where they had gone. Some suspected they just drove into the sunset and never stopped. But recently, an Oklahoma Highway patrol officer was doing some training on the lake. Using the sonar device, he determined that there was something under the murky surface. After a little more investigation, it became clear that those blips in the radar were not one, but two cars.

When the crews came to rake the lake, they hooked onto the classic cars. After a tough haul, they eventually pulled the 1970 Camaro and a 1957 Chevy out of the water. But what was inside the car solved a decades old murder case that had been on the books for longer than most of the officer’s careers.

Inside each body, officers found three bodies in a state of intrepid decay. But the horrid forms finally told police what they needed to know to put their cases to rest.

For example, Jimmy Williams, the man who owned the Camaro, had offered to give two of his friends a ride to a local football game. But when they were never heard from again, no one knew where they could have possibly gone.

They dredged up the cars and founds them filled with bodies.

The Chevy was thought to have belonged to Alvie Porter, who was thought to have disappeared one year earlier than Jimmy in 1969. Although the police think it is Porter’s body, the other two passengers have yet to be identified.

Either this stretch of the road is extremely dangerous or there is some other more sinister motive behind the wrecks.

Nearly 4 million people have watched the video report below. Here are some of the most popular comments viewers shared on the YouTube page.

“Guardrail was probably installed in 1971,” wrote John L. referring to the dangerous stretch of road.

“Someone put the cars there, Far too many coincidences. Three people in each car and not one of the six couldn’t get to the surface in 12 feet of water. Six people just sat in the cars and waited to drown,” user homegrownaussie speculated.

“Interesting. Both vehicles, apparently, found side by side as if parked. But allegedly having disappeared a year or so apart. Neither vehicle appears to have obvious crash damage. As I say, interesting,” Graham Palmer pondered.

“Probably sleep driving.”

“it is crazy and small world,” wrote one person in response to the proximity of the cars.

“just comes to show how easy it is to get away with murder,” one user shared.

Do you think these drownings are related? Or was it a coincidence?

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