Construction Worker Discovers Old Ring In Abandoned Apartment, Realizes It Comes From U.S. Navy

When he started renovating an apartment two months ago, Ryan Jones was not expecting to find hidden treasure.

This particular apartment hasn’t had a tenant for the past four decades — a long time for an apartment to go uninhabited. If something were hidden in there, no one was around to find it.

Ryan had always wanted to discover some kind of treasure tucked away within the walls he renovates for a living. But it was his employee who struck gold one day at work.

Lucas Welniak was just going about his tasks for the day when he heard something fall to the ground.

Upon closer inspection, he saw that it was an official U.S. Navy ring!

The ring is 10 karats, has a light blue stone, is marked with the year 1972, and has the initial “PFW” inscribed inside.

Yet despite all of these clues, Ryan and Lucas have so far had no luck finding the ring’s original owner. They’ve tried everything from Facebook to the town directory — still, they don’t have any leads.

Those 40 years gone by have made it very difficult to track down the owner of this priceless memento.

Have you ever found any kind of hidden treasure within the walls of your home like this? Were you able to track down the original owner?

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Source : littlethings.com

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